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Santorini Island

If you want to spend your vacation in a place that combines entertainment, relaxation and adventure, then Santorini Island, Greece is the vacation destination for you!

Santorini is unlike any other Greek Island. It has a magnificent mystic aura and characteristics that are stunning and unique. Santorini (otherwise known as Thira) belongs to the Cyclades cluster and is situated 128 nautical miles from Piraeus Port. The island is 73 sq. km in area and has approximately 13,500 inhabitants.

Anafi Island

Quiet, unspoiled with excellent beaches, is the island to get away from it all. Connected to Piraeus ports (Mainland Greece) and Mykonos for international airport.

Amorgos Island

Amorgos Island, Greece - the ideal holiday spot for absolute relaxation and calm

Amorgos: one of the most dramatic and impressive Greek Islands and a popular holiday destination for those who want a different, alternative style of vacation, in a relaxing and soothing setting.

Koufonisia Islands

The Koufonisia isles are considered the up and coming vacation destinations in the Cyclades Islands, as many have discovered that although they offer a reasonable amount of isolation, they also provide all the comforts of the most frequented islands

Schinousa Island

Schinousa, along with Donousa, Irakleia and the Koufonisia Isles, make up the inhabited small Cyclades, which are considered the holiday retreats for those who seek isolation from the more touristy islands and which possess lovely beaches and quiet, secluded coves for swimming and repose.

Iralkleia Island

If all you want out of your vacation is absolute relaxation, then Irakleia Island is the place for you. Surrounded by lush vegetation, bubbling springs and pretty beaches, Iralkleia is a haven from the stress of everyday life.

Ios Island

Welcome to the radiant and exciting Greek Island of Ios!

Ios is an island in the southern Cyclades cluster, well-known for its lively atmosphere, exciting lifestyle and attractive beaches. It is a holiday spot catering to all types of visitors, offering a variety of activities to participate in. Ios Greece has a reputation for being one of the hotspots for the young who desire endless fun and entertainment, although some parts are ideal for those who are looking for a peaceful place to relax.

Sikinos Island

Sikinos is one of the less frequented islands in the Cyclades cluster, practically untouched by the tourist industry, making it a refuge for visitors who desire total relaxation during their holidays. Its popularity is on the rise, but Sikinos still manages to offer the quaintness of a quiet Cycladic Isle.

Folegandros Islands

Folegandros is situated in the Southern Cyclades bertween Sikinos and Milos in a distance of 105 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus. The island has an area of 32sq miles and a coastline of 40km.  Folegandros can be reached by ferry boats departing from Piraeus, while the summer period there is connection between Folegandros and other Cycladic isalnds like Santorini, Ios, Naxos and Milos.

Milos Island

A useful travel guide to Milos - the island of Aphrodite

Milos Island is one of the most stunning islands in Greece, with a plethora of unique characteristics and wonderful sandy beaches that are embraced by unusual rocky formations and the deep blue Aegean Sea, many of which are considered the finest beaches in the Mediterranean region.

Kimolos Island

Nature aficionados will immediately fall in love with Kimolos Island, with its variety of flora and fauna, rocky mountainside and secluded beaches. Kimolos is the ideal destination if you want to experience a different side of the Cyclades Islands

Donousa Island

Donousa Isle is one of the least frequented Cycladic Islands that lately has become popular with visitors who wish to avoid crowded resorts and spend a quiet vacation, lying on beaches and taking in the sun.

Naxos Island

Naxos, Greece – the perfect holiday getaway in the Aegean

Naxos is the ideal destination for a Greek Island holiday, combining traditional Cycladic island traits, a wonderful climate and beautiful natural features. Naxos Greece has the most vegetation and natural beauty in the Cyclades, as it possesses the highest mountain – Zas, the most fertile valleys, and some of the most stunning beaches in the island cluster.

Paros Island

Paros Island: a glimpse of a Greek Island holiday paradise!

Located in the center of the Cyclades Cluster, surrounded by sparkling azure waters, is the island of Paros in Greece. It is a land that combines traditional island features and breathtaking scenery, enchanting every visitor and making it one of the most attractive holiday spots in the Aegean Sea.

Despotiko Island

Not famous but increadible beutifull. A must see and explore.

Sifnos Island

Sifnos is a wonderful island for exploration and relaxing seaside strolls, as it is full of olive and almond tree fields, rolling hills and stunning sandy beaches. For a taste of traditional Greece, a walk through the old villages of Sifnos is a must.

Serifos Island

Spend your vacation in Serifos, Greece, the island of pristine beaches and Cycladic charm!

The island of Serifos is one of the most attractive islands in the Aegean Sea region. It is located on the western part of the island cluster, making it a vista of other Cyclades Islands. What astonishes visitors the most is that Serifos has a coastline that stretches for 81,5 km, 12 km of which are sandy beaches and quaint coves.

Syros Island

Syros: the aristocratic Greek Island

Syros is known as the dame of the Cyclades Cluster, the capital of the islands. It is one of the most unique vacation spots in Greece. Its nobility and grandeur are apparent throughout the island, due to its picturesque squares, impressive neoclassical buildings and exquisite manors. Once the most significant port and cultural center in Greece, Syros takes present visitors back to its heyday.

Kithnos Island

Kithnos Island is a moderately popular getaway for many international tourists, especially for those who come to the island to take advantage of its medicinal springs. It is a very typical Cycladic Island, with wonderful beaches, small coves and bare hills.

Kea Greece

Kea Greece: the most attractive holiday getaway.

Kea, the island also known as Tzia, located in the Cyclades Cluster, is a land with great natural beauty and distinct traditional characteristics. Kea (Tzia) Island is bursting with valleys, streams, hills, orchards, plantations and beautiful sandy beaches, all of which create the perfect setting for the island's charming hill and seaside villages.

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